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Programmable FSK Telemetry System


The INIVEN 98 Series FSK Telemetry equipment communicates analog, contact closures, and digital data information over analog tone lines or point to point fiber optics. All modules are microprocessor controlled, and frequency shift keyed (FSK) modules utilize digital signal processing (DSP) for frequency stability.

The 98 Series has a modular design, allowing for a variety of analog and digital applications. Each communication and multiplexing module can accept different I/O modules in the same chassis slot. These I/O modules accept different forms of analog and digital inputs and outputs, and provide terminal blocks for external wiring.

The 98 Series offers several different enclosures: A standard 19" rack mount chassis, a variable width panel mount chassis and a compact chassis. All programming is accomplished using DIP switches, eliminating the need for an external programming device. Each FSK module is programmable for all standard Bell frequencies. System configuration options, such as 2 frequency or 3 frequency operation are also programmable.

The 98 Series is sub-station hardened. It is end to end compatible with most telemetry systems and is pin to pin compatible with other manufacturers. As with all INIVEN products, the 98 Series is protected by a 12 Year Warranty.

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