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For over 40 years, Iniven has been listening to its customers and custom-engineering, deploying and supporting communication equipment to meet their requirements.

Our line of products include:

  • Teleprotection equipment for digital and analog applications
  • Creative multiplexers for plug and play converter applications
  • Original fiber optic solutions for full time monitoring and testing
  • Legacy telemetry systems that are compatible with Quindar, QEI and DAQ FSK equipment

Iniven is committed to helping customers maximize the security and reliability of their network infrastructure!

What We Do

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Iniven is a manufacturer of high reliability, hardened, communications equipment, designed to work in an unforgiving utility environment.
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Our off the shelf products and custom designed solutions are engineered to solve customer requirements and meet all required standards.
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Iniven stands behind all its products with a 12 year warranty. We support our customers with unique engineering solutions and after sales service.


Teleprotection for Protective Relaying

Iniven engineers and configures fully digital, high speed transfer trip communications equipment for use in pilot protection schemes. The PDR-2000 digital teleprotection terminal uses multiple technologies to create incredibly high security, dependability and reliability.

T1 and Fiber Optic Converters/Multiplexers

The CT-100 and CC-500 are environmentally hardened plug and play devices that can accept multiple inputs and transmit them using T1 or fiber optic without addressing and virtually no programming.