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T1/Fiber Optic Multiplexer-Converter

The CC-500 is a communications device that converts and combines up to four IEEE Std C37.94 fiber optic and up to six DS0 interfaces into a single backhaul. Backhaul options include a T1 electrical interface and a point-to-point singlemode fiber.

The CC-500 is designed to multiplex up to ten DS0 channels without the need to program or map the channels.

The CC-500 is DIP switch programmable for up to two backhaul options, depending on how it is equipped. All CC-500s will come with T1 and MM C37.94 interfaces. A 1310 SM Laser or LED, or a 1550 SM Laser is available as an option.

The T1 interface is designed to communicate point-to-point over a third party electrical T1 channel, such as a leased T1 channel from a phone company. The CC-500 will act transparently in the communications path.

For point-to-point fiber applications, the SM fiber channel is available.

While the CC-500 can be equipped with two backhauls, only one can be used at a time.

The CC-500 will multiplex up to ten DS0s. The unit consists of both a mother board (Control Unit) and a sister board. The mother board contains the backhaul channel(s), power connections, and four C37.94 fiber optic DS0 channels. The CC-500 will support any type of C37.94 format.

The sister board has its own terminal blocks and can support any legacy DS0, including: Audio, G.703, RS-422, RS-232, V.35, contact closures, or additional C37.94. The sister board can support up to six DS0s, depending on the space available for interconnections on the back of the unit.

Due to the many possible combinations that can be supported, the customer must contact Iniven in order to specify what I/Os they require.

The CC-500 is designed for applications such as protective relaying and environments where substation hardened equipment is required.


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