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Protective Relaying &
Communication Solutions

Iniven solves your complex communication challenges other companies can't support. We develop communication and monitoring equipment for use in electric power transmission pilot protection schemes and hardened industrial environments.

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Iniven family of legacy converters:



About Iniven

An Innovator in Protective Relaying and Industrial communications
Iniven engineers, deploys and supports communication equipment.

Iniven is committed to helping customers maximize the security and reliability of their network infrastructure!

Contact us for custom solutions to your engineering challenges.

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INIVEN Solution

Original Fiber Optic Communication Solutions

Iniven is developing Industry first solutions for the complexities of fiber optic communication.

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INIVEN Solution

Substation Communication & Protective Relaying

Iniven engineers and configures fully digital, high speed transfer trip communications equipment and FSK telemetry equipment for use in pilot protection schemes.

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