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If you're looking for electric power transmission pilot protection, INIVEN products provide the diversity, redundancy, speed and security necessary for digital, high speed and high security tripping in protective schemes for electric power transmission and generation.

The PDR-2000 is an eight channel digital protective relaying terminal that can be used in digital or audio transfer trip schemes, as well as three terminal, string and loop configurations.

  • In digital transfer trip schemes, the PDR-2000 can be used in point to point configurations over one or two redundant com paths via fiber optics or digital network
  • PDR-2000 can communicate a digital signal over any 4 wire voice grade audio circuit
  • PDR-2000 is extremely well suited for three terminal, string, and ring configurations. Redundant communication ports allow the PDR-2000 to communicate over two different paths to two units simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple single channel units at each location

The INIVEN 98 Series FSK Telemetry equipment communicates analog, contact closures and digital data information over analog tone lines or point to point fiber optics. The 98 Series has a modular design, allowing customers to configure the unit to meet their unique analog or digital application.

Innovative solutions for fiber optic protective relaying communication

If you are a relay communication engineer responsible for maintaining the integrity performance and security of your utility's fiber optic network, INIVEN is at the forefront of fiber optic protective relaying communication.

Our latest product innovation — Fidra — is the first-ever active, multifunction fiber network physical switch, designed to monitor, reroute, repeat, boost and disable up to 3 fiber optic communication pairs.

No matter what complex communication challenges are affecting your fiber optic network, from inventory management and provisioning, to securing fiber network data flow, and improving the reliability and life of your fiber-optic network, INIVEN has a configurable solution to meet your unique needs.