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Digital Teleprotection Terminal


The PDR-2000 is an eight channel digital protective relaying terminal that provides high speed and high security tripping in protective schemes for electric power transmission and generation. The PDR-2000 communicates using serial digital communications, fiber optics, or a four wire audio connection.

The PDR-2000 is bundled with an array of innovative features aimed at providing the highest performance in both speed and security. Two independent communication ports allow the unit to simultaneously operate over two digital communication lines. Each digital packet generated by the PDR-2000 includes a Unit Identification (ID) number to increase security and prevent accidental tripping. Packet Forwarding allows a PDR-2000 to communicate with units that are not directly connected, as in a string or loop configuration.


The PDR-2000 can be programmed using the keypad on the front panel or by using our Windows based GUI (graphical user interface). Since no external programming equipment is required, field installation is easy.

Diagnostics & Testing

The PDR-2000 includes advanced diagnostics and testing tools including a fully featured event recorder. The event recorder can hold up to 40,000 events, after which the events are overwritten. Events are timed stamped by the internal clock which can be synchronized using an IRIG-B signal from a GPS clock. All events are stored in nonvolatile flash memory.

Events logs can be viewed using the keypad and display or the PDR-2000 GUI. The GUI allows the user to download up to 1,000 events and sort by event type, date and time. The keypad and display can also access events by starting with the most recent event and scrolling back chronologically.


The PDR-2000 can be used in point to point configurations over one or two redundant com paths via Fiber Optics. If communicating through a digital network via a multiplexer or CSU/DSU, the PDR-2000 can communicate using G.703, RS-422, V.35 or C37.94.

Digital Transfer Trip Schemes

The PDR-2000 can communicate a digital signal over any 4 wire voice grade audio circuit. The PDR-2000 can take advantage of the full 8 channel tripping capacity and increase security well beyond the ability of conventional FSK terminals.

Audio Transfer Trip Schemes

The PDR-2000 is extremely well suited for three terminal, string, and ring configurations. Redundant communication ports allow the PDR-2000 to communicate over two different paths to two units simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple single channel units at each location.

Three Terminal, String and Loop Configurations


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