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Programmable FSK Telemetry System


The GEN 1 series is INIVEN’S first generation of telemetry equipment, often used in applications where turning on/off a device remotely is needed. The GEN 1 series sends digital and analog data over voice grade phone circuits (300-3500Hz), and are usable in a number of racks, including 3U 19”, 1U 19” and wall mount versions with or without built in power supplies. It is also available with either passive elements or the full programmability of digital signal processing (DSP) technology. In many cases, INIVEN’S GEN 1 equipment can operate in competitor’s enclosures and is pin for pin compatible with most Quindar, Sparling, QEI and DAQ equipment.

Gen 1 Series 30 & Gen 1 Series 10

There are two sub-series in the GEN 1 line, the 30 and the 10 Series. The 30 Series consists of a wide range of products that communicate using frequency shift keying (FSK). Transmitters and receivers are available to communicate single status points, single analog points and multiplexed status and analog points in a single unit. The 10 Series uses amplitude modulation (AM) making it ideal for the replacement of existing equipment whereas the technology of the 30 series makes it more appropriate for new projects. A large list of power supplies and accessories including replacement parts for other manufacturer’s equipment are available. As with all Iniven equipment, Gen 1 is supported by a 12 year warranty. Please contact us for pricing and engineering assistance.

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