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Audio - C37.94 / Fiber Converter

The AC-20 acts as a transparent converter in the communications path, ideal for converting older audio equipment to fiber optic, without the need of replacing the IED.

The AC-20 is a voice grade audio (300 to 3800Hz) to fiber converter. It supports both direct point-to-point fiber communications as well as the IEEE Std C37.94 protocol. There are two sets of audio and fiber ports.

Each audio port can be configured as a 2 wire or 4 wire connection. Each fiber port can be programmed to operate for point-to-point or C37.94 applications. Both singlemode and multimode fiber heads are available.

The AC-20 is designed for audio communications to be converted to a fiber optic channel. The unit is not designed to have C37.94 signals transported over an audio channel.


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